L’Oreal Vita Lift

Brighten your look and let the aging freeze for a while!


Are you always looking tired? Or do you usually look older than you feel? It’s time to get active and re-boost your skin! An all-in-1 product by a famous drugstore brand comes to offer you a high quality skin moisturizing through 5 different actions. It’s the L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Complete Anti-Ageing Moisturizer that as it is said it fights against annoying signs of aging, dryness, feeling of tightness, tired and infirmed skin at the same time. So it provides you a complete “beaute-routine” with only an action. This moisturizer promises a super hydrated skin with a brighter and youthful look.

The secret “hero” is pro-Retinol, which is ideal for transforming your complexion, due to it’s the most famous anti-aging ingredients in skincare products. The fine lines will surely be gone; your sun tanned skin will be glowing, being soft as a baby’s bum. The cream absorbs easily as it has a lightweight texture! No any shine or residue after the application and the most important it’s that it doesn’t dry your skin. It can be used by all skin types, even the oily ones, because it can be adapted to the needs of each skin. The ideal is to use it 2 times a day in cleansed face. Vita Lift can also be applied after shaving, given that you will avoid the delicate area of eyes. It will be more effective in men who are less than 40 years old with no that deep wrinkles that cannot disappear in any case! The opposite happens with the men in their 20’s or 30’s, when an anti-aging moisturizer can activate perfectly in a preventive way against aging.


It comes in a tube of 50 ml! You could say that it isn’t a big package for a moisturizer, but its price is quite affordable (18$) as in market you can find many more expensive ones, but less effective. On the other hand, you don’t need to use more than the size of a garden pea for your face and neck. So this makes it last a little more. Now we have to underline that there isn’t any product enable to return the clock back! But if you want to get a fresh look this product is very good.

What it really does is to create a thin film to all your face in order to protect it by daily aggressions. The duration of moisturizing effect tends to reach 24 hours, without leaving any sticky feeling after all these hours because of (for example!!) sweat. The problem is that the list of the remaining ingredients is on the side of the box and is quite shocking. There are so many chemicals in this product, including parabens (which many people try to avoid). And in spite of claiming UV protection, there is no mention of any SPF. The opaqueness of the container is a problem since you don’t know exactly how much is left in it. However the good point is that the bottle is gray with a pump applicator and a transparent lid, which keeps it hygienic at all times and handy in use.

So aren’t you curious about discovering if this product really works?? In other words don’t you want to see if you really feel a noticeable improvement to the texture of your skin in just 4 weeks of use? Only if you try it, you will know!



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