Shiseido for Men

A luxury, long-lasting, moisturizing effect!


Aren’t you totally satisfied from your everyday moisturizing cream?? Don’t you notice a visible improvement of your complexion after regular application! One of the most famous high-end brands, Shiseido, recommends you the MEN TOTAL REVITALIZER Age Defense Anti Fatigue Cream that promises to provide you the best high-quality anti-aging effects.

This cream is ideal for mature men’s skin, which need a refreshing boost and help against fine lines, dullness and dryness. As long-lasting aim is considered to be the total retexture of your complexion for a more youthful look, which can’t reveal your age. This cream also is said that keep you moisturized for 24 hours! Let’s see now how effective it is, by giving you more information!


First of all, due to its powerful formula it offers instant transformation to your skin’s look, which is more visible when you try to use it after a sleepless night. To be more specific, we have to mention that The Total Revitalizer improves your skin’s elasticity, created with Shiseido’s unique Damage Defense Complex and protect it against environmental stressing factors. The skin’s youthful look is maintained with Vitamin E that provides antioxidant care, boosts brightness and stimulates collagen production. It also makes your pores look smaller and it is easily absorbable without leaving any residue or greasy result! It is so moisturizing that you feel like you have applied it is almost as if a protective layer is formed over your skin without any need to reapply it throughout the day! Even though it can be used by all skin types, it’s important to underline that it’s not sure how effective this anti aging cream would be for someone with very oily skin, but for those with dry, combination or normal skin types will be ideal option. You can apply it every morning after cleansing your face and shaving.

Although, the major problem is the price tag (70-90$)! The price is a bit off the charts, especially if you think that a jar won’t last long at all with regular use (1 jar per month and a half at least!). This happens because you may need more than a fingertip- amount for some areas that need extra hydration. Another serious disadvantage is if it really does what its name describes! So as it is general known, none anti-aging moisturizing cream can really heal the intense sign of aging such as deep wrinkles. This is aesthetic surgery’s job and not of a skincare product. So, if you don’t want to get disappointed by the result, this cream, like all creams of this type, fights against the very first signs of aging.

In conclusion, it’s a quite pricy product! On the other hand, you should think about its quality in order to decide if it deserves your money or not! MEN TOTAL REVITALIZER Age Defense Anti Fatigue Cream is really a revolutionary moisturizer and temporary face rejuvenator. So it’s up to you and your priorities to buy it or not.


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