Grooming essentials for the gentleman-dude

What is a gentleman-dude?

A gentleman-dude is a discerning gentleman who is coolness personified.  A man who’s ultra-aware of the latest trends not only in grooming but also in social behaviour, fashion, music and restaurants.  He’s a gentleman, that’s for sure.  But there is no hint of fuddy-duddyness or geeky behaviour. A gentleman-dude is not afraid to spend big bucks to look good. He does not shop at Old Navy or GAP – Oh no!  He’s more likely to be found rummaging around a vintage designer shop for that unique gem nobody else is wearing. Or having his tailor run-up something that he’s designed himself. And when it comes to grooming himself he does NOT compromise. All the products reviewed have been personally tested by Primo – senior stylist and beauty products consultant.


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