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Blemish-be-gone with a healing mask!


A type of organic clay, made especially for acne-prone skins, gives you the best solution in order to clean your face deeply from any sign of impurity or excess oil. The strong formula which is based in botanicals makes Chamomile Concentrate Anti-blemish Masque unique for offering you a renewed complexion with fewer breakouts.

It comes in a handy jar of 60 ml (the travel size comes in tube packaging) and its texture is similar to smooth clay, while it has a great fragrance of flowers and herbs. It is packed with chamomile extract, tea tree leaf, rosemary, sage and lemon peel. The best about this product is that provides with a calming and refreshing feeling your skin. What it mainly does, it isn’t the cure of acne, but it will heal the eruptions quickly and efficiently without drying your skin or causing any sign of redness. The powerful ingredient for this result is chamomile! Chamomile calms irritation and alleviates redness while clay draws impurities to the skin’s surface. At the same time it acts in a way to prevent future breakouts for a clear, balanced complexion.


In order to use it you only have to apply a layer of this masque to cleansed face. Alternatively you can put a small amount of the product to every blemish separately, given that you don’t have a severe problem of acne. Leave the product to act for 15 minutes and the rinse it off with warm water. In case of aggressive acne, you can leave it overnight to fight against the stubborn spots! Generally and for better results you should use after this a toner or moisturizer, of the same line if it’s possible. This routine has to be repeated 2 times a week. Another idea is that it can even be used under make-up in the day time if you use a tiny amount and rub it in well before applying your foundation.

One down-side is that i have to dig with my fingers in an unhygienic way into the jar to retrieve the mask. So you need to find something else to do it, like a small spatula. The jar packaging can also inactivate and make instable the few beneficial for the skin plants oils which are included, due to the daily “open-close” of it. Another problem is that it contains alcohol and fragrance, which means that it can cause irritation if you have too sensitive skin or, to make matters worse, stimulate the oil production.

As with all Aesop products, you have to keep it in a cool place, and if you like your chemicals and immediate results, this is not a brand for you to get! Overall, as the brand claim, Chamomile concentrate anti-acne blemish masque doesn’t offer you a permanent fix and it won’t cure acne and within a few days they’ve started to reappear. But you will know that in a case of a party or an event or if your skin has been recently suffering from an unexpected breakout, this will always work. It will surely make a difference to your skin and it’s highly recommended especially for dry insensitive skins! It is very expensive for such a small amount, but for me it’s worth it. Let your troubled skin try it out!

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