Avada Grooming Clay

Be an excellent hairdresser on your own using a magic clay


Can’t you leave from your home before styling your hair? Are you looking for a product that provides you strong hold and great scent? The Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay is here to make your hairstyle look attractive with professional effects that last all day in a non stiff and greasy way. Pomades can get sticky and gross in your hair as can waxes sometimes, but this is in a totally different class!

The most exciting about this product is that it does a good job, without weighting your hair thanks to micro-fibers which are included in this powerful formula. What these fibers do is basically control your messy hair and give me them a fancy style. Moreover, it contains boswellia to reduce skin irritation, licorice extract, seaweed and plai oil to sooth and calm the area and tamanu oil to help restore moisture balance in hair. It’s important to be underlined that the use of this clay can in a long term improve your hair volume, as it fights for the thickness of your hair. It leaves a nice fragrance of citrus that lasts a long after the application and is also contains some beneficial for your scalp essential oils of spearmint and lavender. It also has a built-in style control ingredient that offers you strong hold for hours with an impressive and natural shine at all.

After the application, it doesn’t leave any sign of oily residue to your hair and of course it washes easily indeed. The most important is that gives to your hairstyle a natural look with no more than a pea sized blob spread through all your hair. The result is more refreshed and manageable hair with a matte finish! Not dry or dehydrated! In order to apply it, you have just to use your fingers and not any brush or blow spray, as the last solution will surely give you an extra volume that it’s too away from the preferable effect-the relaxed hair. It can be used by men with short to medium-long hair when it’s dry or damp.


Another advantage is that this vegan product by Aveda is based in organic and natural ingredients, what makes impossible to cause you any type of irritation. Don’t forget that it isn’t tested on animals too!!! Now you could say “28$-35$ seems maybe a bit much for a miracle”, but just a little dab goes a long way, as you will surely have almost a semester of use. So, if you ask, of course it’s worth it! It’s great for adding texture to the hair for today’s casual “lived in” styles and not hard-sticky ones. The only problem is that although this is a great product, it would probably put many people off buying it if you are comparing it to your standard products on the market which are usually around 10-15$. But keep in mind that you take what you pay for. So it’s up to you!


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