Baxter Night Cream

Care about your skin’s moisturizing even when you are sleeping!


Do you feel tightness and excess dryness and don’t you know how to improve it? A super hydrating skin for men based in glycolic acid “Aha” is here to help you make your skin soft and refreshed all night long. So your night hero is Night Cream AHA by Baxter of California. The ingredient AHA is said that can exfoliate the dead skin cells and smooth your complexion at the same time. In addition, this fruit acids which are included basically even your skin tone, while try to maintain the elasticity of your skin even you are in your mature period of life.

It comes in a tube of 120 ml! it has a thick texture (as toothpaste) and a pleasant fragrance! It is spread easily without making you fee oily or leave any residue of cream. It does take some time to completely soak in. This is for very dry skin only. Besides Aha, it is enriched with Wheat Amino Acids, Anti-oxidant vitamin C and Panthenol! As you understand this super-hydrating formula deeply nourishes skin over night, while fighting against the first signs of aging too. In this way, we could say that it stimulates cells renewal and collagen production. The best about this product is that it can act in a perfect way reducing the size of your pores and the acne problem. It can help with acne scars too!


It can be used by all skin types and by guys of all age with the same good results. Although it’s described as an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid cream it won’t leave you red with burned and peeling skin like other ones, so don’t worry about that unless you have the most sensitive of skin. You should also wear a sunscreen in the daytime after you start using this cream because AHA creams leave the skin ultra-sensitive to sunlight and UV rays, and so your skin is prone to get burned (even when you’d normally tan).

Warm a small amount in your hands and then smear it all your face and neck in an upward manner! Then go straight to bed, as this cream even it absorbs easily, it isn’t at all transparent! So it’s visible that you wear a thin layer of a cream in your face.


It is a little pricey (25-35$), but I think it will last a long time, as you only have to use it once a day! Especially if we compare it with equivalent women’s products for the purpose and if we focus on the quantity (120ml), we will surely understand that it deserves a try!

So you see that Night Cream AHA by Baxter of California is for anyone who wants to even his uneven skin tone, brighten the surface of his skin and hopefully eliminate the redness. It’s expensive but visibly effective! What it makes it different is that not only it works by ridding signs of premature aging but also nourishes deeply your skin, helping you say a permanent goodbye to your dull complexion!

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