Biotherm Yeux eye cream

Close the door to puffiness and dark circles!


It’s time for men to care not only about their first signs of ageing and expression, but also for the look of their under-eye area. The age fitness Homme eye-cream by Biotherm promises to provide an extra protection against first wrinkles and fine lines, while also it aims to soften and refresh the skin in this specific area of your face.

The most important benefit of this eye cream is that it is dermatologist tested and also moisturizes without being greasy and it has spf 15 sunscreen, which is necessary for the prevention of skin damage by sun rays. This result, of course, is boosted by the powerful formula of this product, including olive leaf concentrate, olive wax, some moisturizing agents and extract of thermal plankton. These skin-calming and transforming ingredients helps you also diminish your eye-bags and visible dark circles, providing a rejuvenated look. Moreover, it contains micro-algae extract that offer a long-lasting antioxidant protection. Another point is that it has a lightweight gel texture which means that allows for a quick and easy absorption and in general it provides an energy boost to your skin cells.


Let’s talk about the packaging! It’s a fancy glass bottle with a useful dispenser that surely makes your life easier in order to apply it to your skin. It also makes the application of the product more hygienic. The problem is that this liquid-product maybe a little runny and not at all able to get out in small amounts through the dispenser. It is 15 ml like the majority of eye-creams, but it’s very expensive (30-50$) as there are many different options in beauty market to opt for.

It is recommended for you to use just a drop of the product 2 times a day and massage it gently for a couple of minutes your eye area in order to boost micro-circulation. We have to underline that it’s compatible with all skin types, even the more sensitive ones.

The basic drawback about this eye-cream is that it can’t provide the super anti-aging protection for which Biotherm is talking about. The problem is that it may not help your dark circles or reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, as these aims can’t anyway been achieved totally by any skincare product. So even though it does a good job in moisturizing and it doesn’t irritate your eye area, it may be overestimated, due to its ineffectiveness. Despite the fact how effective it is when it comes to reducing existing lines, it’s sure that as a preventative it works fine.

Taking all these into considered, it’s a must for men who are looking for a moisturizer-eye cream to refresh their delicate area of eyes. You could also characterize it as a secret weapon for those who “fight” for a smoother, more brilliant eye area and a radiant skin complexion in general. But before trying this, think about what exactly you need depending on your age in order not to be unsatisfied.

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