Clarins Line Control

A daily cream which promises to stop the clock of aging!


Clarins is one more time next to you with a cream with super anti-aging properties which emphasizes in preventing the signs of aging while moisturizing your dry mature skin. The ClarinsMen Line Control cream for Dry skin promises to help you reduce the fine lines, even your skin tone and refresh your complexion in general. Simultaneously, it tries to repair the lost firmness of your skin and the dullness due to aging!

What it makes this product enable to fulfill its basic aim is the anti-aging ingredients that contains. In other words, first of all its formula is packed with paracress extract, which is a plant with energizing and rejuvenating properties. Moreover, this cream contains caffeine famous for its drastic effect in firmness and skin cells regeneration. In addition, Pursulane Extract and Shea butter soothe and clean deeply your skin, while Bison Grass and Chinese Galanga Extracts offer you an energy-boosting feeling. As you understand the natural ingredients cannot make a cream more effective or not. So what you have to always keep in your mind is that none cosmetic product can transform a mature face plenty with deep wrinkles in the face that he had when he was in his early 30’s. On the other hand, “natural-based ingredients” means friendlier with your skin, because when you use this face cream, there is no case to feel your skin tightened or to cause any tingling sensation, like other anti-aging products do. You are also going to notice that this cream doesn’t leave your skin dried than it is normal conditions.


However, this cream has a nice subtle fragrance and a handy packaging too. The most important is that it doesn’t leave a greasy, shiny film on skin and it is absorbed in a couple of minutes. Regarding the packaging, we should underline that even though it can be characterized as handy, it isn’t that hygienic. To be more specific I would like to explain that you have to use your finger tips in order to take the last drops of the product out of the jar. This, for example, could transfer some harmful bacteria in the jar! Another problem is that in general doesn’t leave any greasy sign to your skin after the application, but when it was added on top of the various creams used in shaving, it made my face feel as greasy. In contrast with these disadvantages, we should take into into account that besides a daily cream, it acts like a shield against skin-damaging pollutants, like many Clarins’ skincare products do.

The suggested way for you to use this anti-aging cream is to apply a pea-size amount all over your face and neck, by massaging gently for a while. You should apply in cleansed face once in the morning. If you don’t get bored –because you are a man- you can reapply the product in the evening for better and faster results.

To sum up, it’s not a cheap product for daily use and don’t forget that ClarinsMen Line Control Cream doesn’t contain any effective anti-aging components in sufficient percentage. So it’s more a daily moisturizer-protector than an anti-aging product which combats skin aging through collagen-stimulating and antioxidant ingredients. If your aging problem just starts you may see an improvement, but if you are over 35 years old, the results won’t be so positively surprising.

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