Clarins Moisture Balm

A super effective healer for razor’s damages to your skin!


Do you want to feel your skin smoother or more moisturized after finishing your shaving routine? Can’t you stand anymore the irritation that the razor may cause? Clarins is here to save you for one more time with a soothing balm! The ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm can act like a toner or moisture-booster while creating a beneficial film all over your faced based in anti-pollution complex. However, the best about this product is that heals any sign of irritation after shaving too alleviating the pain. Now an extra advantage for men with fuller beards: softens the hair of your beard to facilitate shaving!

It has a lightweight creamy formula, which is easily absorbable without leaving any sticky result to your skin or causing any feeling of tingling or burn! This balm has a subtle scent which goes away a little after the application and is ideal for all skin types. It contains a derivative of hyaluronic acid which accelerates the moisturizing effect and sunflower oxins, famous for its soothing and calming properties. Moreover, alpine sea holly extract is another powerful ingredient responsible for reducing the razor burn. Papaya and lemon complex also tend to soften your facial hair, which helps with shaving. Finally, bison grass extract refreshes your skin deeply and awakens it gently. It’s important to mention that the same product comes in gel texture with the same ingredients, but leaves your skin a little shinier after the application. Another difference between these two consistencies is that Clarins Moisture Gel: provides a feeling of freshness and is more soothing, while Clarins Moisture Balm offers a softening effect. It’s up to your preferences to choose which from the two is better for you depending on your skin type and needs.


It comes in a “clever” plastic bottle with dispenser that is very useful for applying the right amount of the product (just one-two pumps). The bad characteristic of this package is the fact that it isn’t transparent, so you can’t see inside the bottle the remaining amount of the cream! It is also launched by Clarins in 2 sizes in order to help more and more to try it before buying the big bottle! So the bottle of 50ml costs almost 30-40$, while the bottle of 125ml 70$. It may be considered that is too pricey for an after-shave balm, as in the market there is a variety of similar products. The difference is the quality and the effectiveness in your skin! You can try at first the small bottle, and if you can’t afford to re-buy it, at least you would have tried it once!

Undoubtedly, if you use this balm in regular basis you may notice a visible improvement in the appearance of dark spots or discoloration. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t contain spf, so you have to apply your sunscreen after this every morning for your protection against harmful UV rays.

Overall, it is a good option for refreshing and hydrating your skin after your shaving routine and don’t forget that it’s an awarded product as “Best Moisturizer” in GQ grooming awards 2011. Of course this doesn’t have to affect you in buying in, but it’s a serious factor. If you belong in men’s population who love treating themselves with moisturizing creams, this is for you!

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