Clarins Shaving Gel

Transform your shaving routine into an enjoyable habit!

Clarins Men Rasage Ideal Smooth Shave (17)

Clarins is here with its new men’s line of skincare products to offer you a smooth skin, preventing the creation of any razor’s irritation, signs of redness or razor burn. ClarinsMen Smooth Shave Foaming Gel is your necessary tool for energizing and purifying your skin thanks to a mix of beneficial ingredients. It is also said that is clinically tested and effective even in the toughest beards.

The bison grass and Chinese ginger are firstly responsible for improving the razor’s experience, because these magic elements provide you a refreshed skin that lasts a lot after rinsing the product off, as its fragrance too. It contains, also, some agents enable to create a protection film to your skin for a soother result by the shaving. The grindelia plant’s extract acts like a scrub, removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin. Finally, besides Chinese ginger, aloe extract has alleviating and moisturizing properties too. The most important thing about this product is its alcohol-free formula, helping your razor glide.


Clarins “gel moussant” is not a cold gel neither a stiff foam-gel. The product comes out as a gel and then becomes a heavenly cream. So in the end it has a white-creamy texture! The quantity required for a successful shave is minimal. The cream does not need to be massaged in; watch out! Don’t over handle it. The scent is minimal and far from similar products of this type and will not compete or conflict with your cologne. It can be used in all skin types with the same results, including sensitive. It’s an ideal option if you’re short of time, as the foam is thick and soft, adding protection to your skin even in a rushed environment.

The only you need it to apply a small amount of the product in cleansed face, after working it for a couple of minutes in your hands with warm water. Then applying it gently all over the area is going to be shaved and after shaving rinse it off. For the best results just follow with a moisturizer. It comes in a big generous bottle of 150 ml and you only need a bit of the product, so it will be a long-lasting foaming gel! The pump applicator will surely help you in this! It costs almost 18-20$ and if you think that men usually shave once a week, its expecting lifetime will be over 2-3 months.

The main disadvantage about this product is firstly that it’s so scented that would cause signs of irritation to a sensitive skin. Some its plant-extract ingredients may not be that effective for your skin, while at the same time you have to think that there isn’t the unique product for this type of men care.

So what you have to do is to try it on your own and decide if it’s for you a razor-relief foaming gel, as they call it!

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