Clinique Age Defense

Keep your eyes looking young


Hey meeeen!!!!A high-promising product for the delicate area of eyes was launched by the high-end brand Clinique in order to help men reduce the first annoying signs of ageing, even the puffiness and the bags. It is said that Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense for Eyes is an all-in one eye cream, as it not only moisturizes the eye area, but also act like an anti-aging product against fine lines and dark circles.

It has an oil-free, lightweight formula, so this means that it can be absorbed quickly from your skin and no greasy. Another important point is that it’s ophthalmologist tested, providing you an extra secure for applying it in this sensitive area. So its basic aim is to give you gradually a brighter skin with a younger look, recommending you to use it in dry skin 2 times a day and massage it gently. Of course the restoration of your skin’s firmness will be visible after a long-term use of the product. The promising results will happen possibly due to its effective complex of ingredients (basically botanicals) such as shea butter, which is a famous natural moisturizer. Another “special” ingredient is caffeine which tends to reduce the puffiness and refresh your look in general. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants that provide free radical protection and help guard against environmental “enemies” such as pollution.



Finally, Mica tries to cover the dark circles but not deeply, just with a cosmetic effect. It can be used by all skin types without causing any issues with skin tags or other blemishes around your eyes, even if you are prone to, as it’s fragrance-free too. Although, if you are too sensitive around the eye are, then investing in a delicate eye treatment without botanicals will surely be a better option. The price may be a little problem for some people, but in general speaking is affordable enough! This product sells for 23-29$. The tube is very small for the price (but you should think that the majority of eye creams are 15ml) and with everyday use everyone would guess you would be buying this every 2-3 months. Although, if you see improvement, then you may rethink about it! Overall, keep in mind that in the beauty market there are plenty of these products with quite similar properties and lower prices, but you should choose the perfect for your skin one.

Before concluding our review, I would like to underline that the formula of this eye-cream is more compatible for men in their 30s since it helps prevent premature skin aging signs. However, it isn’t very effective if you already have visible deep wrinkles, as these ones cannot get disappeared by only the use of a cream. It can be said that it’s an essential part of a man’s daily skincare regimen to help him combat the appearance of fine lines, increase hydration and reduce puffiness. But this is up to you to judge it if your money is well spent!



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