Clinique Post-Shave

Heal the razor’s irritation with a magic balsam!

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Hey guys! It’s time to say a strong “goodbye” to the annoying feeling of razor burn or to any irritation caused by the shaving with a calming aftershave balm enhanced with great moisturizing ingredients. The famous high-end brand Clinique Post-Shave Soother does exactly what it describes the name! In other words, it offers an extra smoothing effect to your recently shaved skin, reducing all the bad consequences created by the razor.The key ingredient in this formula is that it’s aloe-based. Aloe is the most famous plant for its moisturizing properties!

And now some extra information: This product has a creamy-lotion, lightweight texture and a light scent, which provides you with the necessary cooling feeling after your shaving experience. Besides the super-moisturizing effect, it is said that it can heal any cut in your face, alleviating the pain. Beware of the slight stinging sensation when initially applied in some cases! It isn’t something bad! Just a sign of its effectiveness as it sinks into your complexion. So, for those with sensitive skin, this works very well as both a soothing after-shave and a moisturizer. But in general it can work well in all skin types! It leaves your face smooth and dry, without the irritation of alcohol (as it doesn’t contain alcohol!!) or the greasiness of most lotions. After use, you can see your skin just looks and feels happier. This happens, because Post-Shave Soother boosts moisture levels, calms agitated skin, evens your skin texture, is gentle, and doesn’t clog your pores or cause breakouts like many other moisturizing products do. Last but not least, this clever aftershave balm contains powerful elements which, with repeated use, make your beard hair softer and as a result much easier to be shaved.


Regarding the packaging, we have to say that it is quite simple, but it has a cap with a small hole so that you can easily dispense the right amount if you squeeze it a little! It comes in a tube of 75 ml, which I think that is a regular size for an aftershave balm and it is quite expensive (20-35$)! However, I think that you could invest in this product with such a high quality, because your skin deserves this type of care, enjoying in the end the best results!

In order to use it, you should take “two squeezes” and spread them gently to your face, doing a mini-massage! You can follow with a moisturizer for better and long-lasting results. As you understand if you use the right amount, this package is going to last more than 2-3 months.

To sum up, if you want to stop complaining about after-shaving pain and irritation, you have to know that Post-Shave Soother by Clinique is a basic must-have in any guy’s bathroom cabinet. Just give it a try to see if you belong to the majority of men who love it and put it in your daily shaving routine!

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