Dermalogica Eye Protection

Protect your eye’s area with a moisturizing eye-sunscreen!


If you can’t stand anymore the tired looking of your eyes or the puffiness and dark circles, Dermalogica gives you the solution! It has recently launched an effective eye cream with spf 15, which can be basically used by both sexes. But now, we are talking for you, guys!! So listen! The Total Eye Care promises to transform and refresh the delicate area of eyes with a long-lasting result thanks to its revolutionary formula based in hydroxy acids. The sunscreen of 15 spf is included and can protect you by the dangerous UV rays which are responsible for skin aging!!

Besides hydroxyl acids, it also contains some useful botanicals for reducing puffiness and providing a more awaked and youthful look. It can be used by all skin types, but it’s suitable ideally for the oily ones, which need extra moisturizing! The dry skins may find this cream not that hydrating and unable to offer to them the moisture that they look for. Don’t forget that the alcohol used in total eye care is up to a point responsible for dryness and redness. However, this cream is great as it absorbs quickly and protects the delicate areas of the eye while providing a slight tint to the darker circles too. It also contains SPF which, as I have already mentioned is always a bonus, given that the majority of eye creams doesn’t contain a spf! Another important point is that this product has some color (like an almost salmon color) which I guess is to help to disguise dark circles. So this color in combination with some illuminating particles, it definitely does help to brighten the under eye area with visible results! Undoubtedly, with continued use the skin around your eyes does get brighter and much smoother, as these results cannot be totally observable by the very first use.


You can use it as a morning eye cream, because your morning eye cream needs to have an SPF. Then, use something stronger at night but during the day our major concern should be sun protection! So, by all means, this is a tempting solution! Just apply it gently with your fingertips and massage for one minute!

What possibly makes you not love this product it that even though it didn´t really do anything bad to your skin, didn´t sting or irritate my eye area, it did nothing to smooth away little lines. However, we have to underline that for the most sensitive skins may be some possibilities of irritation, as in this product there are chemical preservatives, which could lead to irritation.

In addition, another big problem is the price tag (45-55$), as there is a variety of eye-creams in the market, which means that of course you can get the same results with at least one much cheaper product!

To sum up, you have to keep in your mind that what make Dermaotlogica Total Eye care unique is the Spf 15, which is rarely met in any under-eye cream. Overall, it won’t offer to you miracles but you should be able to see an improvement within a couple of days of use.  If you don’t, just it isn’t for you!



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