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A high-end product launched by famous brand Dior promises to help men maintain a youthful and bright complexion through the daily use of a cleansing gel! Of course it’s not just a cleansing gel similar to others that you can find in the beauty market! It’s the Dior Homme Dermo System micro-purifying cleansing gel which is based in a recently invented skincare technology. This cleansing gel has formula consisted of small micro-particles that provide a light exfoliating effect, while at the same time cleans your face deeply and promote cellular renewal. The result is a really clean, smooth face without any sign of impurity, which can be notice from the very first times of use.

The secret of this powerful potion is its beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E. This is famous for protecting from free radical damages, in order to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. Moreover, the most important point about this product is that removes issues like ingrown hairs, blocked pores and dull skin. Where most gel cleansers dehydrate the upper layers no matter how gentle they are, this one did not at all. Fresh skin, a pleasant scent and of course no drying effects should make this a staple in your man’s grooming routine.

Let’s continue with its packaging! It comes in a useful tube of 125ml, which is considered to be a medium-to-small-sized packaging for a product that requires daily use. It has a transparent, lightweight texture which makes it easily washed off. So you can use it at least one time per day! In order to use it, just spread a small amount from the gel to all your wet face and then start massaging for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse it off! And you are ready and full moisturized! Keep in mind that it can be used by all skin types, even the most sensitive ones as the exfoliation by the included micro-particles is very light, so it surely can’t irritate your skin or make it look red.

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The only you have to think about is its price, which It couldn’t be described that affordable! It varies from 30-50$ and is of course a big issue if you want to buy it and re-buy it! The point is that if you want to live this unique and luxury experience in male grooming, you have to pay something more than what you would pay for a usual cleansing gel of 10-15$. Overall, I think that you should try out Dior Homme Dermo System micro-purifying cleansing gel even once, if you can’t invest in something really beneficial for your complexion every time. Regarding Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel, even the dirtiest face can benefit from this. Let’s underline again that it is a clear gel-like formula that has micro beads that can be used to deep cleanse the skin. So, especially men who are exposed to difficult environmental conditions need by all means the beneficial effects of this product. Guys, just give it a try!

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