Face Bomb

Make your skin smoother and your shave experience easier!


It seems like most of us have already accepted the fact that natural products are more beneficial for us and even healthier for our bodies.  The experts at the Portland General Store rightfully point out that our skin is our largest organ, so it seems we should also treat our largest organ to an all-natural experience with the most pure organic products.

Portland general store that produces only organic and natural skincare products without chemicals or fragrance oils recommends its best-seller “face bomb” to help men clean their face deeply thanks to a special mud-mixture enhanced with beneficial ingredients for the skin. It’s a perfect solution before shaving and for vegan-friendly users too! So even though, the majority of men aren’t accustomed with mud masks and facial cleansers, it’s time to try and put in their daily routine a new type of product.

Firstly, the face bomb by PGS is “friendly” with all skin types and it has a multi-purposed effect, as it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Watch out! Those who have an acne-prone skin with an active problem of acne may not be able to use this product due to the rough face washing. The most important about this scrub is that it is based in rhassoul mud, which is mineral-rich clay (rich in calcium and magnesium) with antibacterial properties. Moreover, in this potion sandalwood essential oil, hydrosol of wild geranium, Damascus rose and walnut shells (which include a face-softening fat) are hand-blended, providing a gently deep exfoliation. The fragrant concoction is, also, responsible for offering a nourishing result and a resuscitative feeling of cleansing. Now we have to underline that as this product is a natural mix, a small amount of preservative is added in order to extend product’s life to a semester.


This scrub comes in a quite large jar of 180ml with a vintage design and you only need a pea-size amount and a small sponge or just your fingers in order to clean your face 2-3 times a week. Just make small, circular motions and put a little pressure. The result is: soft skin that lasts for hours after the application of the product. Moreover, it cleans deeply the dirty pores and removes dead skin cells, while it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin. Another important point is that its great scent created by sandalwood oil can last for hours in your skin. Don’t forget that for better results you should wet your face well with warm water before scrubbing it. Then you should work the “paste” in your hands and after applying it, let sit 1 minute and rinse off with warm water. This means that 28$ are enough as there is a satisfying matching of quality-quantity-price!


All things considered, I would recommend this magic face bomb by Portland General Store for any man who wants to get into natural grooming products and improve the look of his skin. It’s time to smell like a gentleman!

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