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A professional shampoo for men is here to make easier their shower routine!

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It is said that Fellow Barber was started as a barbershop which offered special shaving experience to all men in U.S.!! Even now Fellow Barber has expanded its “shaving-duties” and also has introduced their own line of Men’s Grooming products! One of them is the Fellow Barber Complete Shampoo. It is supposed to be a 2 in 1 shampoo, which can be used without a separate conditioner, that cleans men’s hair lightly and maintains the hydration of the sculpt.

The most interesting about this product is its formula with unique aim to reduce the hair dryness and dehydration from its natural oils. Moreover, what it makes this shampoo different is that it combines special, good features at the same time. First of all, it’s alcohol-free, so it’s rare to cause to your sculpt any type of irritation or allergic episode. It’s, also, parabens and sulfate free, ideal for the seekers of organic and vegan products. With one word, it is too good to be true! But it really is! In other words, it provides a mild moisturizing effect, making your hair look natural-glowing and healthy! In addition, as this shampoo isn’t so “heavy”, like the majority of shampoos that you generally find easily in the market with 4-5$, you can use it daily and not only 3-4 times a week. So theoretically it can last you more than a conventional shampoo, but this practically depends on how usually you use it!


It comes in regular- for shampoos- bottle of 237 ml with a green-blue attractive color! You only need a bit of the product to make foam and wash perfectly your hair. A packaging with a dispenser may be a better choice for this type of product, as it’s a pity to spend excessive amount without really needing it. It’s ideal for oily and normal hair and a “master” in cleaning any residue from hairstyling products, as men nowadays tend to care about their hair look more than in the past. This shampoo has a slight fragrance, which is tolerable for men who can’t stand the strong scents. The only issue is the price!!It costs 22$ and of course is quite difficult to pay for this less than one time per month! No one can deny for this shampoo being of an exceptional quality, but of course you can find similar ones or even a little worse than this in the market.


Undoubtedly, this formula raises the limits for a classic daily shampoo. Hair heroes at Fellow Barber not only run some of the coolest barbershops in the country, but also make a line of luxury men’s grooming products that are paraben and sulfate free, which is good news for your scalp. Let’s say it with one word: Fellow Barber’s Complete Shampoo has everything you need and nothing you don’t want. Now you have to decide, if it deserves for you or not!



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