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Prepare your skin for shaving with an all-in-one face wash!


Let’s talk about a new “entrance” of Lab Series in the beauty market with a skincare product for men. It’s the Multi-Action face wash! It is said that this foaming cream is multi-purposed, as it simultaneously moisturizes, soothes and cleans deeply your skin. It also improves the reduction of clogged pores and excess oil, while providing a light exfoliation against skin’s dead cells or signs of impurity.

The best about this face-wash is that contains a mix of vitamins enable to offer you a smooth skin, which is ready to be shave with a sharp razor. So it acts in a preventive way against any irritation or redness after the shaving. As a foam cleanser, this one seems to break through the grime and oil after a long day better.


What you may don’t like it is the issue of exfoliating.  A product that is used everyday should not have an exfoliating effect, because you need that layer of dead skin to protect your skin. Exfoliating once in a while could be a good thing but doing it every day is concerning. So if you use it every day and you have a very very sensitive skin, then you may realize how strong exfoliating properties this product has. In this way, some areas of your face will get too dry! This basically shows that the exfoliation of the cleanser is what is taking off the dry skin every day. That is a good thing but, there are some men who are more “stuck”with their skin care and they rather use a heavier moisturizer to get rid of the dry skin than exfoliating it every day. So, for them the exfoliating result, even it is light, could be harmful up to a point. Although other men may notice that the light scrubbing action leaves their skin refreshed and totally clean. So it’s up to your skin!

Another issue is that menthol and peppermint are included in this foaming cream’s formulation. These ingredients surely provide a feeling on your skin that men tend to like (ice-feeling), but menthol is not that great for your skin and peppermint can be a irritant as well.

In general, it’s ideal for normal or dry skin and it should be use in wet face! After applying it, massage for a little and then rinse it off with warm water in order not to leave any residue of the cream to your face. This also helps your pores open to the cleansing benefits. Don’t forget to finish with cold water to close your pores, completing the cleansing experience. You don’t need very much of this product either so it lasts quite a long time. Now!! Watch out!! The potassium-based cleansing agent can be quite drying, so it’s better to finish your routine with an effective moisturizer and a sunscreen too.

As face wash is an necessary step of your daily skin routine, you have to find the product that cleans your face perfectly. If you finally choose the multi-action face wash by Lab Series, you will understand 18-25 $ for one tube, which lasts several months, isn’t so much! So the price is not bad when you work it out over how long it lasts. If it really matches with your skin’s needs, don’t think about it! It’s made for you!

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