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How can you be hooked with a body wash?


Do you want to live a spicy and adventurous experience every time you take a bath? Do you belong to people who enjoy traveling affected by their dreams with closed eyes while taking a bath? A bath and body wash is the answer and the only way to feel this superb experience. In other words, Black Peppercorn Body Wash by Molton Brown is a luxurious potion based in Madagascan Peppercorn oil with a super spicy fragrance which can travel you “to your summer memories”.

It has a warm spicy and very masculine smell is in a very classy color and so looks good. It’s perfect that makes you feel clean and scented with this unusual fragrance that lasts for a long after the bath. You can use it for your spicy shower or your calming bubble bath, letting the herbs spread in your entire bathroom. What it makes the difference, is that this shower gel is super refreshing and doesn’t leave your body feeling sticky after using it, but only extra moisturized.

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Let’s talk about the ingredients of this body wash! Black peppercorn oil possesses powerful antioxidant and antiseptic properties that deeply cleanse skin and fend off free radicals while improving circulation. It is important to be noticed that this drastic antioxidant besides boosting your circulation and cleaning your skin from toxins can relax muscles too. In addition, some natural oils included such as basil, bergamot, galbanum, amber, and vanilla “lift off” its refreshing aroma.

This stuff is really expensive however (30$), which is unfortunate. So you can use it only a couple a days of week in order to make it last more, especially if you belong to the “club of body-wash lovers” who need a body wash every month! Just like me! Another idea is to use it only for special occasions mostly.

The problem is that it does contain some parabens (less than in first edition), if you are avoiding them. The first edition also contained some dyes as well as artificial fragrance and might not have been the best for sensitive skin. So you had to be extra protective if you have had reactions to any of these ingredients in the past. Now with the new edition with less parabens and artificial elements, even though its aroma isn’t that intense and its texture a little different, it’s surely more beneficial for your skin!  Despite the new product’s slightly reduced “scent lifespan”  Black Peppercorn Body Wash is still a body wash that should be part of every man’s shower routine, if they can afford it of course.

After work or after the gym, after sport, after a sleep, Molton Brown’s award winging in shower body wash is the best solution! And now to tell the truth, the exotic scents you can get from Molton Brown definitely differ to a great extent from the overly fruity and floral scents of other shower gel brands. Now you can explain why it takes an award! Overall, you must give it a try, but don’t waste it thoughtlessly. It’s a pity!

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