Neil’s Yard Face Wash

Let your skin breath as it deserves it!


It’s widely known that Men’s skin is different to women’s skin, as it’s naturally thicker, produces more collagen, and needs less hydration because of skin’s natural oils. That’s why men need a different skincare cleansing routine. So, let your get cleansed and refreshed effectively by the atmosphere’s enemies by offering to your face a quick “bath”. What is going to help you in this adventure is The Facial Wash for men by Neal’s Yard Remedies. In other words, it’s a foaming gel which removes any dirty trace of your face leaving it clean and bright.

The secret is its magic formula! Totally vegan and safe, as it is based in natural elements. Mild cleansers coming from vegetables are combined perfectly with antioxidant rooibos to provide you a healthier and regenerated skin. In addition, calming essential oils and ingredients, like calendula are contained to this blend in order to awake and transform your skin’s look, creating an antibacterial protection layer. The best of this product is that it doesn’t contain any parabens, silicone or mineral oils, but only soothes the sensitive and- to make matters worse- reactive skin. It can be used in all skin types, even the dry ones, as this foaming wash doesn’t leave any sign of dryness or irritation to your skin after using it. Its only result is a sense of skin refreshed and extra moisturized through deep cleansing.


In order to use it, you should first wet your face with warm water and then massage into the damp skin two pumps of the product. Rinse with cool water and feel immediately the refreshing effect. What you will like about this cleanser is that it rinses off easily and leaves no sticky residue like the majority of products of this type. After this you can use, if you like it, a moisturizing cream for better results.

Now let’s talk about the packaging! It is very clever too! The dispenser makes the work of application easier and of course helps you not spend a huge amount of the product for your daily washing even though the product has a runny texture. It’s 100 ml, but it costs 22-26$, so if you use it in your daily routine, it may last for less than 2 months.

What you have to remember is that a healthier-looking skin with unclogged pores and evened skin tone is a result of special care. If this can be really offered only by natural skincare products, you should invest in buying them and buying them again. Needless saying that a deep facial washing can in some cases prevent annoying breakouts for those who have oily skin. So could you imagine how more beneficial for your skin will be the results if you put in your daily routine this vegan product?

To sum up, the skincare routine should be adopted by the majority of men, as it’s a way to improve their appearance. Although, this product it’s ideal even for those who don’t want to wear anything in their face, as its results are visible too. Come on guys take a look!

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