Your skin-saver from the very first uses!


There isn’t anyone in the planet who doesn’t know the existence of Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, because it’s a famous cream based in an unchanged formula for almost 80 years! What the majority may not know is that this powerful cream is multifunctional, as it can be used by all family in many different cases and not only for the nappy rush of babies ( this is its most famous use!). But, here, we are talking about grooming products.. so let’s see how this cream can help men!

This cream has a light creamy texture and promises to provide a high-quality treatment to any type of skin problems such as cuts, acne, sunburn etc. Its basic aim is to heal, moisturize and protect the irritated area of your skin. The best about this product is that it is easily absorbable and doesn’t sting. As it has authentic antiseptic properties prevents any possible infection, while alleviating the pain thanks to a mild anesthetic which is included. What it really does is to create a protective film all over the problematic area in order to accelerate the healing time.


Let’s talk about its different possible uses in men’s life. First of all, it’s the best solution for cuts and razor burn after your shaving routine. It gives you the necessary relief from the pain and makes your face look refreshed in a couple of minutes after the application. The acne is another problem, basically of teenagers, that Sudocrem fights against! In other words, it tries to reduce redness and reduce future infection of your sensitive skin by external factors. Men can also use this in very rugged parts of their body like the knees, the elbows and the cracked heels. Finally, this cream is a perfect solution for people who suffer from eczema (excessive dryness of a part of your skin), because it offers the required hydration and soothing effect.

The big jar of 250 gr costs only 10$! It’s so affordable for its quality! Don’t forget that you only have to apply a thin layer of the product and massage gently in the affected area. Of course, you should renew application as required, but in any case this cream can last you for many uses. However, it comes in many different packages and sizes in order to satisfy every customer and his special needs (e.g. a tube for a more handy use).


The only drawback is that it is too difficult to wash it off if you put an excessive amount on your hands and is too easy to apply more that you really need especially in jar edition! But this is an unimportant detail if we compare it with its effectiveness. Overall, in general, it is such a safe and hypoallergic cream that can be used even newborn babies! Imagine how beneficial is for an adult too. We could say Sudocrem is like that has been sent from the god. You can use this on anything imaginable and it clears it right up. So, men, it’s time to try it!



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