Trumper Shaving Cream

Make your razor slide with a must-have product!


Are you keen on traditional shaving experience in a barber shop with vintage skincare products and shaving tools? Geo F. Trumper starts to promote in market super effective shaving creams in many different scent. In this post, we are going to talk about Extract of limes Soft Shaving Cream, which is said that it’s the bestseller of this brand. If you belong to wet shavers it’s a must! It offers you a visible moisturizing result after the shaving, so you possible don’t need an after-shave balm to reduce the redness or any irritation.

It comes in different quantities and packages, like tubes and jars. What it is sure is that all of them are fancy for customer’s eye and handy in use too. Maybe some people don’t like this version of lime fragrance but it’s all subjective. I think you will love this lime fragrance. It’s somewhat sweet but not overly so or too fragrant. The secret power of this cream is the glycerin, which gives the cream its silky texture and also helps hydrate your skin as you shave.


This Shaving cream has a nice soft consistency. What you may not like is that the cream itself has a green color which means that it is surely artificially dyed; however, once it is spread it in your skin, becomes pure white like most other creams.

Now it’s time to know how you should use it! You only need a small amount to create a rich layer in all your face and make your shaving experience memorable. Just lather up with a wet shaving brush and apply to beard. Then you can shave as normal. Alternatively, as an advice, you can   mix an amount of the cream with too little water and you’ll get an overly thick paste that the razor blade skips over rather than through. This is very beneficial, because once the shave is over, you may find that a light coating of the cream is left on your face, which you can rub into your skin a bit before you wash it off if you like. This is a solution for extra-moisturizing! Another advantage of this cream is its texture It is thick and without bubbles and goes on the face well. It can be basically used by normal to oily skins, without causing any annoying feeling of burn. Regarding packaging, we have to say that the tube comes in a great and high quality. However, the vintage-looking metal tube makes it difficult to get out the last drops of cream, if you compare it with a plastic tube!

Last but not least, even though it costs almost 27$, you have to keep in your mind that is too thick to use a large amount. So you can use the same jar over 4 months. This means that of course is a value for money, given the outstanding quality of the product and the pleasure of using it. Extract of limes Soft Shaving Cream by Geo. F. Trumper is a quite affordable luxury for your shaving routine and no man should be without enjoying it.


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